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Why Blog? March 10, 2009

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Women's Ministry in the Local ChurchSo I am finding out that the first blog is always an explanation of why the blog exists.  I suppose that it is a good way to start by explaining why people should care about what I have to say.
Basically, I have never fit in with women’s ministry in the church.  Depending on the group, I always have stuck out.  I was not married when others were.  Then I was married when others were not.  I was the youngest.  I didn’t have kids…or a bob haircut….or like Joyce Myers…
Finally I gave up on women’s ministry all together.
Then I started reading…a lot.  I read a book called “Women’s Ministry in the Local Church” by J. Ligon Duncan, III and Susan Hunt (find it FOR FREE at  God used this book to revive my heart for the church, especially for the women of the church.  In the book, the authors point out that the common American model of women’s ministry in the church teaches woman to be more independent than submissive, more of a clique in the church than a support group, and can easily turn into more of a gossip ring than a bible study.  These are all things that I want to stay away from.  No wonder I was not fitting in.  (Check out the book to find out their suggestions for a different model).
To make a long story a little shorter, I just figured that there might be more like me.  Women who would rather study the Bible at a Bible study instead of yet another self-help book.  Women who yearn to learn how to glorify God with their lives instead of how God can glorify us.  Women who strive to be the wives (whether married now or not) that God calls them to be for their husbands.  Women who seek to understand the culture without compromising Scripture.  Women who do not shy away from words like “reformed”, “theology”, “depravity”, “election”, “atonement”, etc.

It is for those women that I am starting this blog.


4 Responses to “Why Blog?”

  1. Trisha Gilkerson Says:

    Great initial blog. Your opinions on women’s ministry resound with thoughts I’ve had over the years. Thanks for recommending the book. I look forward to checking it out. And certainly, if we are striving to be women of God, we must not shy away from tough theological concepts and questions!

  2. Renee Fishel Says:

    Thanks Ashley! I completely agree! I’ll check out the book!

  3. Amber Ricker Says:

    Hey Ashley,

    I saw Jeff’s status about you starting a blog and was intrigued. I really like what you wrote. I have struggled much with similar ideologies. I would love if we could meet up sometime? I am living in Toledo right now, until I graduate in May. I included my email so just let me know. Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. Aunt Nita Says:

    Well done! Looking forward to following your study of Proverbs 31, the model for all of us to follow. My goal is to raise Paige to be a Proverbs 31 woman!

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